Nov 2, 2011

Project Beta

I have started on an new diorama project, this time i will be using other materials taking some inspiration from Project Alpha for the steel trusses. Initially I made a base made of Styrofoam that can be bought in bookstores. Size and width will depend on how sturdy the base should be considering the weight of the details, the kit and any other add-ons.

Actual base 12 in X 12 in X 2 in
A metal truss was also added, the procedure in making the truss was the same method used in Project Alpha. A styro base was also used to elevate and mount the truss into place.

Another metal truss was mounted on a slanted slab and was cut. This will be the "unfinished truss"

Basically the design of the diorama will be a combination of metal and earth. The styro base will serve as the "earth" and the steel trusses for the :"metal". But to give the dio a more metal feel and to add texture. There is a provision for a metal base/platform. These will be created using pla plates. And will be discussed on the next post.

Thanks for viewing! ^_^

Project Beta - pt2


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