Dec 5, 2011

HG 1/100 Nataku Assault Custom


This is the first of all first. I have been building a lot of gundams from high grades to master grades. But most of them are all snap builts no modifications done, have done some painting but I stick with the kits designed color scheme. Since one of my gunpla goals this year is to join the GBWC 2011 I have decided to do some modifications not just on the kit but also on the color scheme.


I need a kit off course ^_^ haha! I am a fan of the Gundam wing endless waltz series but most of the modelers use Wing, Heavy Arms and Deathscythe as their base kit and I wanted my entry to be uncommon which leaves Sandrock and Nataku. I'v chosen Nataku for the project because I have not seen a lot (actually none - poor research capabilities I guess haha!) that was modified.

Nataku is basically a melee type MS, Dragon Fangs and twin trident as the main weapon, it does not specialize with projectile weapons as compared to Wing and H-Arms. For this project I want it to to be converted from a melee type to a projectile type MS

Some before pictures (snap built)

Materials and Procedures
I wanted the kit to shoot missiles and have guns but I want to retain the dragon fangs since it is the signature weapon of Nataku. The solution convert the dragon fangs to a gun! :P

made some window holes (left)

add gatling guns from serpent custom and painted it.

Did i mention that it also function as a melee weapon? :P Presenting the trident conversion.
Basically the trident beam holder was removed and mounted on the back side of the fangs.

and viola! Dragon trident fangs! ^_^

to be continued...

Thanks for dropping by.


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