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Mar 31, 2012

HG 1/100 Nataku Assault Custom - pt2

Since the main goal was to make the kit a projectile type MS double gatlings is not enough so i decided to make missile launchers. This is how i did it.

After taking the double gatlings I was left with the double barrel holders (left). What i did was modify this "leftover" to become a missile launcher.

Drilled holes to nest 6 missiles.

And placed pla plates to support the missile heads

I decided to mount the missile launcher on the legs of the gundam. This was achieved by using spare PC joints.

And this is how it looks like after mounting. 
It is movable - Yeah!

For the missile head i used some busted fuse. Just have to remove the glass from the fuse and take the metal heads.

Some minor modifications done on the legs and feet.
made openings on the legs
pla plates added on the foot

Used the spare chest plate of nataku and added a skull (from MG crossbone spare) and made openings on both sides.
Nataku Chest plates: Left (Spare), Right (current)
Replaced by new chest plate

The leg was modified by adding vents on each side of the legs using the upper leg of a 1/144 Astray red frame, tamiya cement, pla plates and putty to cover the crevices
The upper leg of an 1/144 Astray red frame was cut and used for the vents
I used pla plates and putty to cover the holes
Inserted a square type IC pin on the hollow portion - see that silver and black? ^_^
Shoulder modification was also done, juts added some parts and IC socket pins (round type)
For the head i took some parts from the head of 1/144 Astray red frame and attached it at the back of the Nataku head as shown below.
I was not able to take pictures of the other modifications done since i was cramming on this project. :(

This is the finish product and my entry for GBWC 2011. Also my first ever entry in a gunpla contest. It took me 3 sleepless night to finish this. @_@

Take note of the modifications I've done that i was not able to show and discuss. IC pins, missle launcher accents, side vents on the shoulder, skull design on front chest (from MG crossbone spare)

Thank you for viewing!

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