Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Introduction, Gameplay, and player screenshots.

Project Alpha: Steel Truss Diorama

First diorama project to create a maintenance bay.

Hobby Tools and Supplies

Project tools, equipments, construction supplies that i came across during gundam building and papercrafting.

Master Grade 1/100 GP01-Fb Fullburner Gundam

Straight build of Master Grade Gundam 1/100 GP01-Fb. Includes work-in-progress and final build.

Starting my own blog

Just a preview on what to expect from this blog. About the owner and contents of Veni Vedi Vici.

Aug 30, 2011

1/100 MG Deathscythe ver k.a.

This is the compiled photos for my MG Deathscythe XXXG-01D Gundam piloted by Duo Maxwell from the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Series.

Some Facts:
The Gundam specializes in both stealth and close combat, and its main armament consists of its signature beam scythe and a small shield which can emit an energy blade, and the shield can be fired at distant enemies. Another feature of the suit is its Hyper Jammer ECM (electronic countermeasure) system that emits jamming particles, rendering the Gundam practically invisible to electronic sensors and giving it unparalleled stealth in combat.

Source: Wikipedia

This is the unpainted, no seam sealing, no decals, no mods just a straight build out of the box version!

This is what the box looks like
The Box Art
Opening the box you will find the runners! Yay! It has 15 runners in total. Comes with marking seal and Gundam Decal (designed by Hajime Katoki-sensei) the reasn why it was called ver k.a (katoki)
Runners must be pre-inspected first for damages prior to build!

So to start off with building i usually start with the head!

Then start building the torso. Nub marks are very well hidden on most of the new releases (2007 onwards) of bandai!
The torso
Attached the head to the body!

The shoulder

The upper body

Then start with the lower body.
I have lost track with the lower body since i was so absorbed during building i forgot to take pictuies. Hahaha

Well this is the final product! The built 1/100 MG Deathscythe XXXG-01D Gundam
I love this pose! Very bad ass!

The kit has no stability issues. Can perfectly carry the scythe with no problems!

Nicely done! I am planning to paint this but no mods will be done. Add some decals and this kit can now destroy some mobile suits! ^_^ Will be adding some studio photo for this!

Thanks for viewing and i hope you enjoy! Leave some comments!

Photo album link: 1/100 MG Deathscythe Ver k.a.

Aug 19, 2011

Dragon Age: Origins - Introduction

Dragon Age: Origins is a single-player role-playing video game developed by BioWare's Edmonton studio and published by Electronic Arts. It is the first game in the Dragon Age franchise. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 3, 2009, and for Mac OS X on December 21, 2009. Read more

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Age:_Origins

Destroy the Darkspawn

Iv started playing DAO this year and the graphics are really good!!! Well i guess it depends on your video card. If you're a fan of the baldurs gate installments you will definitely like this game! Here are some of the screenshots from the story line!

During the gameplay you gain allies to help you accomplish your task to defeat the darkspawn. These allies are not permanent since they can leave anytime depending on your approval rate. Approval rate is affected by your decisions and choices during dialogues, quest, and conversations. The higher the approval rate the more likely the ally will stay and the lower the rating the more likely they will leave the party, sometimes triggering one on one battles.

Higher approval rates gives bonus to skills and possible romance. (Oh yes there is romance! - nice)

Darkspawns, these are the creatures you are trying to obliterate, from humans, elfs, dwarves, mages, undeads, demons, beasts and dragons. Yes there are dragons (why call the game dragon age if it has no dragons, hehe).

BTW I am using a Rogue elf.
I wish i was as bad ass looking as you!

Demon of desire - zoom function does not work. ^_^
Stop throwing acorns at me

We cant fight like this, your'e naked

Character development is very diverse, from weapons to equipments and job specializations. Yes characters can take specialization. Mage can be healers, shape shifters, blood mages. There are assassins, bards, warriors and a lot more. Job specialization depends on your base job. For example warriors cant take mage class specializations. Specializations gives you unique skills so one must be careful in choosing specializations

Specializations can be bought from merchants and some are unlocked from your party members and quest. Some class like the Reaver and Blood Mage (one of the strongest class) can only be unlocked during quest conversations. You may piss off some party members in the process though. I turned my rogue into a duelist (two handed weapon master) and a ranger (beast summoner) giving it a melee and ranged combat expertise.

I will be adding some of my progress and awesome screenshots on my next post. I am currently near the end of the game though.

Thanks for viewing. Try the game it's awesome! ^_^

Project Alpha - pt3

I've been doing a lot of other stuffs lately so the progress has really slowed down. So here are the next steps.

After creating the main body of the truss, diagonal pegs were added.

Once the main beams of the diorama are completed, its time to do some trials. I used my MG 1/100 GP01-fb full burner gundam for this.

The vertical beams are almost of the same height as the kit, so I consider this as good since the dio will still have a base. 
There is a provision to add diagonal trusses in which I was trying to layout on during this trial. The same process was done in creating the pegs. But it is more tedious that the vertical ones.

The completion of this project is around 5-10%. On my next post i will be sharing the sketch of this project. The metal truss will also be used on my 2nd project which i will also use a different construction material.

Thanks for viewing!

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