Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Introduction, Gameplay, and player screenshots.

Project Alpha: Steel Truss Diorama

First diorama project to create a maintenance bay.

Hobby Tools and Supplies

Project tools, equipments, construction supplies that i came across during gundam building and papercrafting.

Master Grade 1/100 GP01-Fb Fullburner Gundam

Straight build of Master Grade Gundam 1/100 GP01-Fb. Includes work-in-progress and final build.

Starting my own blog

Just a preview on what to expect from this blog. About the owner and contents of Veni Vedi Vici.

Jul 12, 2011

Project Alpha - pt2

After measuring and cutting the horizontal and vertical pegs. The cut pegs must undergo pre-evaluation
 Since nobody is perfect there would be pegs that are a few millimeters smaller caused by variations in measuring and cutting. This would cause uneven alignment on the final product if used.

As a remedy those that are a bit larger were filed down to size.

Once uniform, all the pegs can now be glued and assembled together. But first the main beams must be set-up to ensure there will be no movements during the assembly phase. This was done by taping the ends of the main beams against the working mat and a ruler.
The pegs are glued one by one. Using tweezers to attach each and gluing it using a quick dry industrial glue (mighty bond).

Make two of this and combine it, complete the horizontal pegs to form the truss beam! You can add diagonal pegs to complete the truss beam.

Thanks for viewing.

Gunpla Love

Something i want to share...

Last year I went to a gunpla event at Eastwood Mall PH. It was at the atrium situated at the hallway. An event that I will always remember for the rest of my life. It was the first Gunpla event I ever went to. Though I was just there to observe, I was not there to compete :)

The Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010
I think i saw MAC members there too, i was not sure, i have not known the MAC group before so I'm not sure. But there are a group of people cheering on the right side of the stage during the awarding.

I remember all the kits on display and i took pictures of them, Here are some.  I used a camera phone for this.

Amuro Ray's Gundam RX-78-2 The Grandaddy of all!
And if there is a protagonist. Here is the Antagonist Zaku!
First time I have seen the PG Strike Freedom. The biggest model for the PG series.

Unicorn Gundam

Sinanju the Red Comet
Nice sandrock 1/144

Destiny Gundam from the Gundam Seed Series
nice detailing!
 Some gundam displays with awesome dioramas ^_^
Operation SNEAKRZ

Exhibition of contest pieces!


And a Giant 00 with its pilot setsuna lol!!!

What killed me was not the event but the feeling of being there surrounded by Gundams and by people who share your passion. This event encouraged me more to continue my hobby and craft.

It was one of the happiest days of my life, and from that time on i know it was love that i felt. That is what i describe as Gunpla love ^_^

Thanks for reading!!!

Jul 4, 2011

Gundam Hangar

Jul 3, 2011

Project Alpha

Well this is my first attempt to create a diorama. Thanks for the help of a fellow modeler Edward Panaligan (I keep giving him credits because he deserves it!). I called it project alpha because it is my first diorama. :)

The diorama will be made up of trusses. The one that I will be making is the flat truss type.
I will be making one using barbecue sticks!
make some measurements of the "pegs" for both horizontal and diagonal
Since i am still undecided on what will be the final design of the diorama i measured a lot of pegs.

After measuring, the sticks can now be cut, i used a metal saw for this. There are other alternatives that can be used to cut the sticks.

to be continued....

Jul 2, 2011

About Me

About this Blog

This blog will be a venue for toys, games and places. The objective of this blog are:
1. Share my current works with regards to my craft (Gunpla, Plamo, papercraft, etc)
     a. Assembled model kits
     b. Tools used for my craft
     c. Techniques used by various modelers and craftsmen

2. Provide views on the latest games that I am currently playing (Playstation and PC)
    a. Game FAQS
    b. Recommendations

3. Share my travels and experiences as I explore various places
     a. Must see landmarks
     b. Guide to these places

4. Other stuffs that I find interesting such as movies, tv series, music, books, food and a lot more.


I would first like to thank all the readers for the support. One of the ways to show my gratitude is to share my experiences, my knowledge and the emotions i am feeling through this blog. I am still continuously striving to make this blog better, by exploring new ways, methods on how to further improve this blog. Your help are always welcome.

I would also like to thank GMAC, Pinoy New Types and its members you will always be an inspiration to me and my works.

To my travel buddy and a very good friend of mine Blessie thanks so much! : ^_^

Jul 1, 2011

1/100 MG GP01 Fb

One of the MG kits i was surprised after finishing. The details were so intricate and nub marks are very well hidden. The kit is still a work in progress since no detailing, painting and mods were done. So here are some snapshots of the out-of the-box MG GP01 Fullburner.
The head and limb parts are the first to be built.

Finishing the leg parts

Bust part
Thanks for viewing! ^_^

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