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Mar 31, 2012

HG 1/100 Nataku Assault Custom - pt2

Since the main goal was to make the kit a projectile type MS double gatlings is not enough so i decided to make missile launchers. This is how i did it.

After taking the double gatlings I was left with the double barrel holders (left). What i did was modify this "leftover" to become a missile launcher.

Drilled holes to nest 6 missiles.

And placed pla plates to support the missile heads

I decided to mount the missile launcher on the legs of the gundam. This was achieved by using spare PC joints.

And this is how it looks like after mounting. 
It is movable - Yeah!

For the missile head i used some busted fuse. Just have to remove the glass from the fuse and take the metal heads.

Some minor modifications done on the legs and feet.
made openings on the legs
pla plates added on the foot

Used the spare chest plate of nataku and added a skull (from MG crossbone spare) and made openings on both sides.
Nataku Chest plates: Left (Spare), Right (current)
Replaced by new chest plate

The leg was modified by adding vents on each side of the legs using the upper leg of a 1/144 Astray red frame, tamiya cement, pla plates and putty to cover the crevices
The upper leg of an 1/144 Astray red frame was cut and used for the vents
I used pla plates and putty to cover the holes
Inserted a square type IC pin on the hollow portion - see that silver and black? ^_^
Shoulder modification was also done, juts added some parts and IC socket pins (round type)
For the head i took some parts from the head of 1/144 Astray red frame and attached it at the back of the Nataku head as shown below.
I was not able to take pictures of the other modifications done since i was cramming on this project. :(

This is the finish product and my entry for GBWC 2011. Also my first ever entry in a gunpla contest. It took me 3 sleepless night to finish this. @_@

Take note of the modifications I've done that i was not able to show and discuss. IC pins, missle launcher accents, side vents on the shoulder, skull design on front chest (from MG crossbone spare)

Thank you for viewing!

Dec 16, 2011

Tobi Mask - Do it yourself the kick ass way! ^_^

Hi just want to share with you my latest project. My own Tobi mask from the Naruto Shippuden series. This is how the guy looks like. ^_^
Destroy the world!

White mask (Jabbawockeez mask) or any plain mask
Black Marker
Bond paper
Adhesive tape (Scotch and Double)
Paint Brush
Acrylic paints (Red and Yellow)
Black cloth (stretchable recommended)
Glue Gun with glue sticks


1. Draw lines using a marker on the mask, use the reference tobi mask photo. Adjust if necessary to achieve the spiral effect you want. The pattern would serve as your guide.

2. Add double adhesive tapes in between the line. Make sure you cover most of the spaces in between the lines.
3. Roll some bond paper and and stick it onto the face mask following the lines. It should look this. ^_^. This would serve as the spiral contours of the mask
4. Cover the rest of the mask with rolled bond papers following the rest of the pattern. Use scotch tape when binding loose ends of the rolled paper.

5. Using a paintbrush apply glue (diluted with water) on the surface of the mask. Add tissue paper on the mask. Ensure the mask is wet enough with glue so that the tissue binds to it properly. Repeat the process until the whole mask is perfectly cover with tissue.
This is the part where adjustments can be done on the final contour of the mask.
6. Let it dry. After drying use sand paper to smoothed out the surface of the mask. During this process you may see some defects such as pit holes and crevices. Cover those with glue and tissue, then dry and sand it again.

7. Paint the mask with a white paint base then top it with the desired orange tone. I combined red and yellow paints and adjusted it accordingly to achieve the desired color.
8. Paint the spiral grooves with a darker orange color (one shade darker). This would enhance the spiral look on the mask.

9. Using a glue gun stick the pre-cut black cloth at the back side of the mask. This would function as the holder and the detail of the mask. Ensure that the black cloth has allowance when the mask is worn on the face.

10. Add some line details using a black marker. This is to emphasize the grooves and spiral patterns of the mask.

I will be using this on our Company Christmas party with a cosplay theme. BTW this is my first cosplay attempt. I rented the Akatsuki vest to complete the outfit! This is how the complete costume looks with the do-it-yourself Tobi mask!
Thats not the pants I'll be wearing on the party! :P

Were buddies!

Had enjoyed the whole creation process. I am very much pleased on the outcome!

Ah! Super Saiyan 3 Son Gokou!
Thanks for dropping by!

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