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Oct 24, 2011

New Gunpla Tool Addition - Rechargeable hand drill

I am currently doing a project right now and it requires major modifications. I have resorted to armor breaking and pla plate add ons with the use of my handy hobby knife, side cutters, rulers and cutting mats. What stopped me was when i wanted to put holes for the thrusters, rivets and screws.
Hobby Knife

Side Cutter and Orange cutting mat
I searched the internet for me to find something that would do the job.
The top choices were:
1. Pin vises (like a screwdriver in which you insert a drill bit on the tip) and
2. Drills (hand drills e.g Tamiya handy drill)

Pin Vise
Hand Drill
I went around malls searching for both tools. I have found them to be expensive ranging from 1000 Php to 4000 Php. Since I am on a very tight budget i went to a local market in manila where they sell electronic devices at a very low cost, the place is called RAON at Quiapo Manila.

There i found this baby! ^_^ A rechargeable hand drill that cost 800Php, this includes:
1. 1mm drill bit
2. 2 grinding stones
3. Embosser
4. Chuck nuts to hold varied drill bit sizes

They also have hand drills that are battery operated ranging from 350Php to 700Php. Nice deal huh! Will be trying this tool on my current project and I hope that I make a lot of modifications on my new tool.

Thanks for viewing! ^_^

Oct 7, 2011


Since I have been very busy at work, most of my projects were postponed and delayed - even got my facebook account deactivated in the process. But during these times I have still managed to acquire a new hobby. Its called papercrafting, what got me into the hobby well a friend of mine asked me to make one for him since he thinks i am capable of accomplishing such task! Since I am up for the challenge I accepted the job - first ever.

He ordered 3 chibi papercraft gundams and gave me the download links. I immediately did some research and since iv been doing cubeecraft in the past I am already familiar with the craft.

Cubee craft - My SD Unicorn and SD Sinanju
Basically what you need are as follows (based on research and recommendations of experts)
1. a pattern of the design you want to build,
2. special type of paper (120GSM, white)
3. a good printer (gloss finish or matte)
4. scissors
5. hobby knife
6. and quick drying glue (Quick drying)
7. tweezers (optional but very helpful)
design pattern
120 GSM A4 paper (current)
glue (quick dry) and scissors
hobby knife
tweezers - ooohhhh shiny!

My first project was a chibi or SD (super deformed) red zaku, but unfortunately i had issues with the print out and later realized that there are paper and ink (printer) compatibility issues. I used a cardboard type of paper and wax coated printout. The print chipped off from the paper when folded or scratched.

whaat the!!!

I shifted to a different type of paper (non cardboard) but still at 120 gsm which solved the chipping issue. Which i tried on a sinanju papercraft which i find very satisfactory.

not bad for a first timer
I think the scale is somewhere between 1/40 or 1/50

The sinanju really looks badass even on paper!
Well as for the 3 chibi projects, had many issues and was not able to continue. I need an A3 printer to continue since using A4 paper produces very small cut out parts - pain in the a$$. One of the project has lacking parts due to incomplete patterns - GX bit project officially dropped!

Here are some links that can help you start with this craft.
Tutorials and Patterns - http://paper-replika.com/
More Sinanju photos

Thanks for viewing!

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