About Me

About this Blog

This blog will be a venue for toys, games and places. The objective of this blog are:
1. Share my current works with regards to my craft (Gunpla, Plamo, papercraft, etc)
     a. Assembled model kits
     b. Tools used for my craft
     c. Techniques used by various modelers and craftsmen

2. Provide views on the latest games that I am currently playing (Playstation and PC)
    a. Game FAQS
    b. Recommendations

3. Share my travels and experiences as I explore various places
     a. Must see landmarks
     b. Guide to these places

4. Other stuffs that I find interesting such as movies, tv series, music, books, food and a lot more.


I would first like to thank all the readers for the support. One of the ways to show my gratitude is to share my experiences, my knowledge and the emotions i am feeling through this blog. I am still continuously striving to make this blog better, by exploring new ways, methods on how to further improve this blog. Your help are always welcome.

I would also like to thank GMAC, Pinoy New Types and its members you will always be an inspiration to me and my works.

To my travel buddy and a very good friend of mine Blessie thanks so much! : ^_^

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