Jul 12, 2011

Project Alpha - pt2

After measuring and cutting the horizontal and vertical pegs. The cut pegs must undergo pre-evaluation

 Since nobody is perfect there would be pegs that are a few millimeters smaller caused by variations in measuring and cutting. This would cause uneven alignment on the final product if used.

As a remedy those that are a bit larger were filed down to size.

Once uniform, all the pegs can now be glued and assembled together. But first the main beams must be set-up to ensure there will be no movements during the assembly phase. This was done by taping the ends of the main beams against the working mat and a ruler.
The pegs are glued one by one. Using tweezers to attach each and gluing it using a quick dry industrial glue (mighty bond).

Make two of this and combine it, complete the horizontal pegs to form the truss beam! You can add diagonal pegs to complete the truss beam.

Thanks for viewing.


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