Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Introduction, Gameplay, and player screenshots.

Project Alpha: Steel Truss Diorama

First diorama project to create a maintenance bay.

Hobby Tools and Supplies

Project tools, equipments, construction supplies that i came across during gundam building and papercrafting.

Master Grade 1/100 GP01-Fb Fullburner Gundam

Straight build of Master Grade Gundam 1/100 GP01-Fb. Includes work-in-progress and final build.

Starting my own blog

Just a preview on what to expect from this blog. About the owner and contents of Veni Vedi Vici.

Jun 30, 2011

Hobby Tools

These are just some of the tools I'm using for my Gunpla. This can be bought at the local hobby shop and hardware stores, there are some alternative tools than can be used. There other specialized tools for Gunpla, i will be sharing that on my future post. But for now these are the basic tools for Gunpla!

Side Cutters, Tweezers, Part separator, Files, Screw Drivers

 Gundam Markers

 Sand papers glued to popsicle sticks
Hobby Knife with replacement blades
Spray can paints

Jun 29, 2011

Blog Start

This the official start of my blog. I am still learning how to blog sp please bear with me. Expect a lot of changes as the days pass by since il be doing a lot of editing. I am still researching on how this blog thing works. ^_^ any suggestions are welcome. :D

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