Aug 19, 2011

Project Alpha - pt3

I've been doing a lot of other stuffs lately so the progress has really slowed down. So here are the next steps.

After creating the main body of the truss, diagonal pegs were added.

Once the main beams of the diorama are completed, its time to do some trials. I used my MG 1/100 GP01-fb full burner gundam for this.

The vertical beams are almost of the same height as the kit, so I consider this as good since the dio will still have a base. 
There is a provision to add diagonal trusses in which I was trying to layout on during this trial. The same process was done in creating the pegs. But it is more tedious that the vertical ones.

The completion of this project is around 5-10%. On my next post i will be sharing the sketch of this project. The metal truss will also be used on my 2nd project which i will also use a different construction material.

Thanks for viewing!


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